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ONESYNC Modern Website & Ecommerce Feature

OneSync Features

Product & Inventory Management

Shipping and Delivery


Order Management

Marketing Tools

Loyalthy Reward & Affiliate Marketing

Marketplace Sync (Add On)

Store Analytics / Reporting

Social Media

Powerful Tools

Maximize Exposure & Traffic

1. Product & Inventory Management

In ecommerce, product and inventory management involves using software and strategies to track inventory levels, manage stock across multiple channels, and optimize product listings for maximum sales and so on.

Add Product Images

Allow you to add products' main images and sub-image, providing visual appealing and good customer experience

Description & Details

Allow you to provide more detailed product information and improve the website's search engine optimization (SEO) by including relevant keywords.

Product Sorting

Allows you to sort the sequence of products and prioritize the products you wish to display first.

Product Filter

Allow customers to create a multi-select filter based on brands, tags, promotions, and more, to help them quickly find the products or services they are looking for.

Product Price Range Filter

Provide convenience for customers to filter and find their desired product prices.

Product Tags

It can help you categorize & display products in your store and organize search results for customers.

Multiple Product Categories

You can assign a product to multiple categories, eliminating the need to upload the same product multiple times for different categories.

Product Specifications

Create professionally designed products specification tables in just a few minutes.

Add On

Product Comparison

It allows customers to easily compare the features and specifications of multiple products, helping them make an informed purchasing decision.

Product Variant & Options

Your product has different variant & option? Don't worry! Our e-commerce can support unlimited product options, you can set different price, SKU, title for each variant.

Customizable & Special Request

Let customers can personalize their products with custom textboxes, selections, radio buttons, checkboxes, and more.

Brand Showcase

It can present and organize all your brands in one place, allowing customers to quickly filter your product listings by brand.

Wholesales Pricing

Offer wholesale, big volume purchase & VIP pricing to your best customers without having to open a separate store.

Product Image Zoom

Showcase your products pictures with this powerful zoom, which looks like a real-life magnifying glass and comes with a lightbox effect.

Recently Viewed Item

Show your customers the products they’ve viewed and prompts them to purchase products they've already shown interest in.

Back In Stock Alert

Notify your customers when products are restocked without any further action.

Low Stock Alerts

Notify you anytime when a product falls below your specified stock level, and you'll receive email notifications about all low stock items.

Related Products

Provide an auto-generated product list from your store that shares the same tags or categories as the current product, recommending it to customers.

Product Sales Count / Sales Count / Sales Counter

Shows customers how popular your products are, making your website more trustworthy!

Product Watermark

Easily to add watermark to all your product images.


ChatGPT Assistant

The Power of AI and Automation Product Description on NEWPAGES with ChatGPT

2. Shipping and Delivery

Shipping and delivery in ecommerce refer to the processes of getting products from the seller to the buyer, including the physical transportation of goods, tracking, and delivery to the buyer's specified location.

Delivery Rates / Charges

Easily offer delivery rates based on delivery coverage area to your customers.

Various Type of Delivery Charges

You can set up various types of delivery charges which include per order, per item, by locations, free shipping, or COD to offer for your customers.

Delivery Slot / Order Delivery Date

Let your customers select preferred order delivery or pickup date and time before checking out.

Order Picklist

Quick & easy to generate a pick list of products from the orders that need to be fulfilled by filter order status and date range.

Packaging List

Quick & easy to generate a packing list which contain buyer details and order products to ensure order shipped correctly.

Delivery List

Quick & easy to generate a delivery list of orders that need to be shipped out.

New Integration

Provide online seller a seamless and automated parcel delivery tracking solutions.


Easyparcel Integration

It is a platform that simplifies the delivery process, allowing merchants to compare shipping rates from various courier services, book and pay for shipments, and even print airway bills.


Self-Pick Up

Allowing customers to collect their purchased orders from the store or warehouse is especially convenient for those who need their items urgently or prefer not to wait for delivery.


Lalamove Integration

Lalamove is a logistics and delivery platform that provides on-demand and scheduled courier services for businesses and individuals.

3. Payment

Payment in ecommerce refers to the process of exchanging money for goods or services purchased online using a variety of digital payment methods.

Multiple Payment Methods

We offer customers a variety of payment options to choose from in order to complete their purchase transactions

Secure Payment Gateway

We support various payment gateways, such as BoldPay, iPay88, eGHL, RazerPay, SenangPay, PayPal, Stripe, and others, to enable seamless and secure payment transactions for customers.

4. Order Management

It refers to the end-to-end process of receiving, processing, fulfilling, and tracking customer orders from placement to delivery, including inventory management, shipping, and returns management.

View Order Details

Allow merchants to check the order status, shipment tracking, payment details, and other relevant information.

WhatsApp Commerce / Express Checkout Mode

Visitor do not know how to checkout? Don’t worry, they can reach you easily with our WhatsApp Commerce!

Automated Order Cancellation

System will automatically cancel an order if customer doesn’t make full payment within the specified time.

Automated Invoice

Automatically send invoice to customer when orders are paid. One time setup & customizable invoice number.

Automated customer notifications

Re-configured messages or alerts that are automatically sent to customers at various stages of the order management process.

Export Order to Excel

Endless paperwork? Don’t worry! You can export all your e-commerce order to excel file format in ease.

5. Marketing Tools

It refers to a variety of digital marketing strategies and tactics, such as email marketing, social media marketing, pay-per-click advertising, and search engine optimization, that are used to attract, engage, and retain customers and promote sales.

Add-On Deals

Up sales & sell more products by giving add-on discounts or free gifts to your buyer when they reach minimum purchase.

Promotion Campaigns

You can quickly and easily create a promotion like "Double 12 Supersales". It does support customized banner popup and countdown at homepage.

Promotion Countdown Timer

Show an urgency to your discount campaign with a countdown timer to encourage customers to buy your products instead of later.

Birthday campaign

Merchants can send personalized emails with birthday wishes and exclusive discounts to their customers on or before their birthday, encouraging them to make a purchase and enhancing customer loyalty and engagement

Store Voucher

Increase sales, orders and conversion rate by giving away store wide voucher with customizable voucher code.

Product Voucher

Boost product sales by creating voucher for specific products to attract shopper to place order.

Signup Voucher

Convert visitor to your customer! Send email with voucher code to customers who register in your store and change guest to customer.

Minimum Purchase

You can set a minimum purchase amount to increase your customer spending on your website.

Purchase Link

Send the purchase link to your customer so they can directly go to the checkout page and make payments.


Allow you to directly broadcast vouchers, products, and messages to a desired group of visitors through email.

Pop Up & Social Proof

A pop-up message displaying information about other users' positive experiences with a product or service can help to build trust, enhance credibility, and increase conversions.

Rating & Reviews

Collecting feedback and opinions from customers about a product to know customers' satisfaction.

Email Marketing

The system will automatically send an email to subscribers regarding the latest products, news, and promotions.

Announcement Bar

You can easy-to-use for announcing important sales promotion, notifications & news at the top of your online store.

Add On

Sales Landing Page

Allow sales team to personalised their own landing page, generate more lead and let you know salesperson KPI.

Add On

Payment Link

Send potential customers a one-click checkout link with your products and offers.

6. Loyalty Reward & Affiliate Marketing

It refers to the practice of offering incentives or commissions to customers or affiliates who refer new customers or make repeat purchases, incentivizing customer loyalty and driving sales growth.

Audience Insights & Analytics / Know your customer

Our systems allow you to know who the frequent buyer from your selected products is. It is critical data that you will need to control your customer royalty.

Add On

Loyalty & Membership

Allow merchants to offer points & rewards to incentivize customer retention, increase customers lifetime value and keep customers engaged with the brand.

Add On

Referral System

Allows merchants to generate customizable referral links for affiliates and social influencers to share on social media and drive traffic to your website. You can also track the performance of each referral and incentivize them for bringing in new orders.

7. Marketplace Sync (Add On)

It refers to integration of a seller's inventory, pricing, and product information across multiple online marketplaces, helping to streamline operations and increase sales efficiency.

Sync Stocks Between Website & Marketplaces

You only have to manage all your stocks in 1 place. All sales channel stock will be deducted once the product is sold.

Post Products to Shopee & Lazada

When you had uploaded latest products to your website, you can post them to Shopee & Lazada too without any duplicate data entries!

Duplicate Shopee Stores

You can easily duplicate the products from your existing Shopee Store to New Shopee Store by using our marketplace plugins.

Duplicate Lazada Stores

You can easily duplicate the products from your existing Lazada Store to New Lazada Store by using our marketplace plugins.

Import Products from Shopee / Lazada

Website does not have any products? No problem, you can directly import from your shopee/lazada store. Time saver!

Automated Shopee Product Bump

Auto bump your products in Shopee to increase the number of views and potential sales.

8. Store Analytics / Reporting

It refers to collection, analysis, and presentation of data related to online store performance and customer behavior for the purpose of improving business decision-making and optimizing sales.

Order Report & Statistics

Provide real-time statistics and detailed reports by filter and sort the data. You can also export them into Excel Files.

Product View & Sales Report

Quick view of products by total sales and view to easily monitor product sales performance & plan effective sales strategies for your store.

Cart Report

Get real-time reports on keep track of your customers’ cart & manage your online store efficiently.

Website Search Report

Real-time report to track visitors' search in your website to know what’s the most popular search in your site.

Inquiries Report

Quick view of visitors' website/order inquiries in your website.

Landing Pages & Visitor Action Report

Track on visitors’ landed website pages & their action on your website.

IP Tracker Report

Keep track of each visitor with their actions based on IP addresses.

Visitor Counter

Display the live count of store visitors to boost buyer’s confidence.

9. Social Media

It refers to the use of social networking platforms to promote products, engage with customers, and build brand awareness in order to drive traffic and increase sales for online businesses.

Social Share Tools / Buttons

Allow customers to share your website/ products to their social media networks - Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp & etc.

WhatsApp Chat

Make visitor quick & easy to reach you via WhatsApp Chat button.

Add On

Instagram SYNC

Connect your website with Instagram & turn your visitors into your followers.

Add On

Facebook SYNC

Connect your website with Facebook. Automatically sync & promote your products on Facebook.

Add On

My Chatbot

Providing 24/7 customer service through automated responses, reply facebook comments instantly, increase your business exposure rate and broadcast your latest promo to all the user that get in touch with you before.

10. Powerful Tools

It refers to the software and technologies that provide online businesses with the ability to efficiently manage inventory, process payments, analyze data, and automate various aspects of the sales process in order to improve operational efficiency and increase profitability.

Customized Form

Works just like Google Form to help you collect data whenever you need.

Multilingual Website

Support website content in multiple languages includes English, Chinese and Bahasa Malaysia.

Normal Add To Quotation

You can receive quotation from online visitor and reply the quotation with our system, hassle-free!

Add On

Advanced Add to Quotation

Different from normal quotation, advanced quotation will direct turns quotation into order and your buyer can direct make payment!

Add On

Booking & Schedule System

Allow customers to book a course / service & etc. Appointments & merchants are well managed in the website calendar.


One-click installable and live on the visitor’s home screen without the need for the play store or app store.

Customize URL

Create your own shortened URL for ease of access and Search engine optimization.

Recaptcha Anti-Spam Bot

Allow you to protect your websites from spam and abuse.

QR Code Contact

Visitors can scan QR code to add your contact details on their mobile phones.

Website Inquiries Form

Allows your visitors to contact you easily and securely with their inquiries.


Background Remover

Removes the background of product photos to create a clean and professional look.


PDF Encryptor

A simple and secure web app to create a PDF files with password-encrypted which can protects sensitive information

Add On

Sales Landing Page

Allow sales team to personalised their own landing page, generate more lead and let you know salesperson KPI.

11. Maximize Exposure & Traffic

It refers to the strategies and techniques used to increase the visibility and reach of online stores through search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing, advertising, and other digital marketing tactics to drive more visitors and potential customers.

Synchronization To Business Portal

Automatically publish your products & post to Malaysia Top Business Portal to help you grant more exposure and traffic to your website.

Target Driving Optimize

Advanced keyword marketing system to help you capture and target "Highly potential customers" as they search for information online.