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Introducing WhatsApp Cart & Chat - Add products in to an inquiry list and send inquiry via WhatsApp

New ONESYNC Plugins - WhatsApp Cart & Chat

Unlock the true potential of your WhatsApp conversations and boost your sales with the innovative WhatsApp Cart & Chat tool. With this powerful solution, you can seamlessly turn your website visitors into customers by offering them a convenient way to place orders directly through WhatsApp.

Make inquiries with a bunch of items even easier without eCommerce / Add to cart!

With WhatsApp Cart & Chat, when a visitor finds a product they like on your website, they can simply add it to their inquiry list with a single click.

Once the desired items are in their cart, they can proceed to checkout with ease, and instantly initiate a conversation with you on WhatsApp.

By leveraging the power of WhatsApp, one of the world's most popular messaging platforms, merchants can bridge the gap between their online presence and potential customers, driving engagement and sales.

Visitors can ask questions, seek additional information, negotiate pricing, and receive prompt responses, all within a familiar and user-friendly environment. No more navigating complex checkout processes or filling out tedious forms.

This feature is useful for industries that cannot utilize eCommerce, such as:

  • Heavy machinery and equipment:
    Industries that deal with large and expensive machinery or equipment, such as construction or manufacturing, may not find it feasible to sell their products directly through an e-commerce platform. The complexity, size, and specific requirements of these items often necessitate personalized consultations and specialized sales processes.
  • Highly regulated industries:
    Certain industries, such as pharmaceuticals or firearms, are subject to strict regulations and compliance requirements. Selling products in these industries often involves legal considerations, licensing, and other complexities that may make e-commerce less practical.
  • Customized or bespoke products:
    Industries that offer highly customized or bespoke products, such as luxury goods or high-end furniture, may find it challenging to sell their products directly online. The uniqueness and individualized nature of these products often require in-person consultations, tailored experiences, and the ability to showcase craftsmanship and quality.
  • Service-based industries:
    Some industries primarily offer services rather than physical products. Examples include consulting firms, legal services, or healthcare providers. While these companies can use their website to showcase their services and generate leads, the actual delivery of services typically occurs through direct contact, appointments, or consultations, making e-commerce less applicable.
  • Automotive industry:
    Buying a car involves various factors such as test drives, negotiations, financing options, and trade-ins. While automotive websites can showcase available models, features, and pricing, the final purchase process often occurs at a dealership with the assistance of sales representatives.
  • Wholesale or B2B industries:
    Businesses that primarily sell to other businesses, particularly in wholesale or bulk quantities, may find that their website is not suitable for direct e-commerce. These industries often rely on customized pricing, negotiation, and specialized contracts or agreements that are better handled through direct communication and tailored business-to-business relationships.
Improve your website's inquiry process with a faster and more efficient method! Save your website visitors from complex and tedious forms, and gain more sales by establishing direct contact with your potential customers.

02 Jun 2023

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